Johan Sundström

Hi. I am the guy doing most of the talking so far on this site, perhaps because I am the site maintainer. This is not by design though, mind you; I appreciate your input and welcome you to join in with the work on both the Pike site and Pike itself. So if you want to help out and nobody else heeds your call, do drop me a mail and tell me what you would like to do. So far, nobody of those who have asked for the rights to edit the site has been denied. We really value your ideas and would love your help.

Pike hacking

Parts of Pike I've been known to poke at include Protocols.HTTP, Protocols.LysKOM, the Calendar module and adding _sprintf() methods all over the place (I just love those!). Among the things I have been part of designing are Standards.URI, the new autodoc system and Parser.RCS.

Other hacking

Generally, however, I use Pike to build applications of various sorts, mostly Roxen related. Perhaps the most generally interesting of those is Code Librarian, the most recent incarnation (and its third complete rewrite) of the CVS Browser that provides a nice interface to the repositories it monitors. (Of course, any cool tool can and should be applied to themselves - its own source base can be browsed too, although the layout templates used there are nowhere near as nice-looking as those I've made for this site. ;-)


Until fall 2001, I was employed by Roxen Internet Software as a technical writer / manual systems administrator. Most of my time went into writing the Roxen programmer manual and (ick!) layouting the HTML / PDF versions of the rest of the manuals, with the occasional quality time spent on the Pike 7.0 tutorial.

Since then, I've busied myself with improving this site, when not working on Code Librarian - most of all (since there have been few takers) improving the XSLT templates that present the contents of this site nicely. Is there anybody out there that actually finds layouting and designing a fun thing to do? I would love to hear from you if you want to participate. Surely you could do a better job than a bunch of techies like us?

Johan Sundström