Method Pike.__Backend()->`()()

Method `()

float|int(0) res = Pike.__Backend()()


Perform one pass through the backend.

Calls any outstanding call-outs and non-blocking I/O callbacks that are registred in this backend object.

Parameter sleep_time

Wait at most sleep_time seconds. The default when unspecified or the integer 0 is no time limit.


If the backend did call any callbacks or call outs then the time spent in the backend is returned as a float. Otherwise the integer 0 is returned.


If multiple threads concurrently call this function, then:

  • One of the threads will be the controlling thread.

  • All callbacks will be called from the controlling thread.

  • All threads will be woken up when the controlling thread is done. This may be prematurely if the controlling thread had a shorter timeout.


The backend may also be woken up prematurely if the set of events to monitor is changed.


Multiple concurrent calls was not supported prior to Pike 8.0.

See also

Pike.DefaultBackend, main()