Method ProxyFactory()

Method ProxyFactory

program ProxyFactory(program p)


Create a class that acts as a proxy for the specified program.

Parameter p

Program to generate a proxy for.

The generated class will have the same symbols (public and private) with the same types as in p, where accesses to these will proxy the access to the same symbol in the proxied (aka wrapped) object. With the following exceptions:

protected void create(object(p) obj)

Initialize the object to act as a proxy for obj.

_sprintf(int c, mapping|void params)

Special case for c == 'O', where it will return sprintf("%O(%O)", this_program, obj), and otherwise proxy the call.

void _destruct()/void destroy()

These lfuns will not be present as the act of them being proxied would likely confuse the proxied object.


The same proxy class will be returned if this function is called with the same program multiple times.