Method __handle_sprintf_format()

Method __handle_sprintf_format

type __handle_sprintf_format(string attr, string|zero fmt, type arg_type, type|zero cont_type, mapping state)


Type attribute handler for "sprintf_format".

Parameter attr

Attribute to handle, either "sprintf_format" or "strict_sprintf_format".

Parameter fmt

Sprintf-style formatting string to generate type information from.

Parameter arg_type

Declared type of the fmt argument (typically string).

Parameter cont_type

Continuation function type after the fmt argument. This is scanned for the type attribute "sprintf_args" to determine where the remaining arguments to sprintf() will come from.

Parameter state

State mapping.

This function is typically called from PikeCompiler()->apply_attribute_constant() and is used to perform stricter compile-time argument checking of sprintf()-style functions.

It currently implements two operating modes depending on the value of attr:


The formatting string fmt is known to always be passed to sprintf().


The formatting string fmt is passed to sprintf() only if there are "sprintf_args".


Returns cont_type with "sprintf_args" replaced by the arguments required by the fmt formatting string, and "sprintf_result" replaced by the resulting string type.

See also

PikeCompiler()->apply_attribute_constant(), sprintf()