Voices on Pike

"Roxen is built around a programming language called Pike, which is loosely based on C, except for the fact that it is completely object orientated. All of Roxen's modules, are written using Pike, which makes creating your own Roxen modules a lot easier than Apache ones, simply because Pike is a lot simpler than C to code in."

Linux Format

"First, when I need to have something working FAST. C is out of question when you need to do something before yesterday. Perl is nice for text handling, but it doesn't handle complex data structures as well as pike. Then there's modularity, which is much better handled in pike than on many other languages."

Francesco Chemolli

"I'm getting more impressed the more of Pike I see."

Dr Uwe Assmann, Former Scientific Director of SWEB

"I was running a perl program to process a dataset consisting of a few hundred megabytes of DNA sequence data. It had been running for a couple of minutes when I started to rewrite the program in Pike. At the end I had written a Pike version of the program and processed the whole dataset before the perl program was done."

Mikael Brandström

"Take a long piece of strong muscle, add powerful teeth to one end, give it a big appetite and a mean disposition and you have Northern Pike. He believes in equal opportunity: they detest all living things, including themselves. If something goes near it and they can get it in their mouth they will eat it. Even five or six pound bass swimming in pike waters play Russian Roulette when they think they can swim with the Water Wolves."

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