Thursday, August 22

The conference opens for registration and preliminaries at 11:00, with the real opening at 13:15 (i.e. 1:15 PM). The afternoon will be mostly devoted to the current development of Pike, with presentations of various work in progress and some application demos. Some time will also be given to programming languages for the Web, in general.

Some specific programme items preliminarily scheduled for Thursday are:

Friday, August 23

The conference opens at 9:00 and runs until 18:00 (6 PM), and will focus on the Semantic Web during this day; what is the Semantic Web good for? what can Pike do for it? what can it do for Pike? and so on.

Some specific programme items preliminarily scheduled for Friday are:

Saturday, August 24

At 10:15, we were planning on starting Saturday's activities, reconvening at Visionen, to move on to the SU10 and SU11 rooms on the second floor nearby (we have those reserved for the duration of the day). Topics and focus areas for the day include:

  • Group picture - outside IDA en route to the Lysator FOO hall
  • Future - wishlist for Pike 7.6
  • Module system - how should the Pike modules of the future look, feel and work?
  • XML support - what library candidates are out there, what should we aim for? Who is interested in what XML sub standards?
  • PR / Site work - workshop and intro, putting up sTeam, BioPike, the Documentation project, Caudium, and friends.
  • Next conference? - when and where should we have the next Pike conference?