What is Pikefarm, and why?

Pikefarm is a Xenofarm setup that builds fresh versions of Pike from GIT for us on multiple machines, OSes and platforms across the Internet. This helps us maintain and improve Pike portability as well as avoiding regression bugs. You can read more about the architecture itself on the Xenofarm page.

Who runs Pikefarm, and why?

The build machines participating in the project are mostly contributed by people like yourself; people who like Pike, and who want it to run on their own hardware and software platforms. Joining is easy, and sparing a few of your CPU cycles for Pike is a small price to pay for ensuring that you and the rest of the world can run Pike on your platform today and in the future.

How do I participate?

To set up a pikefarm client of your own, download the Xenofarm client and follow the instructions in the README file in it.