The people behind the names

Pike wouldn't be what it is today without its team of developers. The soul of Pike is a reflection of their thoughts, needs and ideas, and that just might make you want to know a bit more about them. After all, there is only so much that can be learned from an email address and reading the commit log or the code they check in. Let's get properly introduced!

Below you'll get a peek at who these people are, how they look, what they do and any other personal details they felt like sharing here. If you yourself feel that you should be listed here, do tell. This gallery would remain a fairly scarce one without your help.

Anders Johansson, Andreas Finnman, Andreas Lange, Andreas Pettersson, Andreas Sigfridsson, Bill Welliver, David Hedbor, David Kågedal, David Norlin, Francesco Chemolli, Fred van Dijk, Fredrik Hübinette, Fredrik Noring, Henrik Grubbström, Henrik Wallin, Honza Petrous, Ian Delahorne, Jan Warnstam, Joe Follansbee, Johan Schön, Johan Sundström, Jonas Walldén, Kai Voigt, Leif Stensson, Marcus Agehall, Marcus Comstedt, Marcus Wellhardh, Marek Habersack, Martin Bähr, Martin Nilsson, Martin Stjernholm, Mattias Andersson, Mattias Norrby, Mattias Wingstedt, Mikael Brandström, Niels Möller, our site editors, Per Hedbor, Peter Bortas, Peter Nordgren, Pontus Hagland, Pär Svensson, Roberth Karman, Stefan Wallström, Tomas Nilsson, Uwe Aßmann, Xavier Beaudouin