RFC 182
NIC 7126
Category I.2
Jeanne North
ARPA Network Information Center
Stanford Research Institute (ARC)


The Network Information Center is working to compile a list of all Site-produced reports which are of interest to Network participants. Reports procuced under ARPA IPT contracts and any other relevant reports produced by the Sites on information processing, network planning, the hardware and sorfware for the projects, and some general reports on the subject concerns of individual Sites, are being identified, to be listed and acquired for the Network Information Center collection.

In an initial effort to gather information, NIC requested the first Station Agents to send copies of any existing bibliographies of their Site's reports. Since then, other efforts have occupied NIC's time, and the projeted bibliography of network reports is not yet issued. In the meantime, several Agents have sent lists of their Site's reports, and Peggy Karp's bibliography has covered much of the ground. In the meantime, also, the expected demand for a compilation of references and for an accessible collection of the actual reports has developed. NIC has responsibility to satisfy this demand from Sites for other relevant reports, to allow Sites to refer requests for their own reports to the NIC for centralized handling, and to provide Sites and others with bibliographic tools to facilitate reference to all Network reports.

Requests from inside or outside the Network for reports performed under an ARPA IPT Contract may be forwarded or referred to NIC for answer. NIC will not attempt to supply copies to outsiders, but will answer the request with information for ordering from government where this information is known, or will refer the request to the report's originator when necessary.

NIC would appreciate receiving any other existing bibliographies of relevant Site-produced reports.

NIC would also appreciate being placed on distribution lists for new relevant Site-produced reports.

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