Network Working Group
RFC 434
NIC 13658
Alexander A. McKenzie
January 4, 1973


During the first several months of 1973 we will be retrofitting each IMP and TIP with additional core memory. At the end of the retrofit program, the memory sizes of the various machines will be as follows:

IMP (516 or 316) - 16K words

TIP - 28K words

TIP with magnetic Tape Option - 32K words

In addition, the expansion of the TIP core memory will necessitate enlarging the TIP to two cabinets.

Listed below is the preliminary schedule for these retrofits. We have arranged this schedule to coincide with the usual monthly Preventive Maintenance at each site so as to minimize user inconvenience, but the work required will frequently require the machines to be down longer than normal. I will issue additional RFC's updating this schedule as necessary.

   Any site which anticipate difficulty with the expansion of TIP size,
   and thus the floor space requirement, should contact Hawley Rising
   (BBN) at
      (617)491-1850 ext. 473
   All dates given below are in the form (month/day)
   Xerox (1/3)
   SAAC (1/4)
   MIT (1/8)
   MITRE (1/9)
   Harvard (1/15)
   RAND (1/16)
   ARPA (1/16)
   NBS (1/17)
   AMES TIP (1/24)
   Lincoln (1/24)
   Utah (2/1)
   UCSB (2/6)
   Belvoir (2/8)
   NOAA (2/12)
   USC (2/13)
   Stanford (2/14)
   ETAC (2/15)
   Aberdeen (2/22)
   ISI (2/22)
   Case (2/26)
   SRI (3/7)
   Rome (3/14)
   FNWC (3/15)
   UCLA (3/19)
   CCA (3/20)
   AMES IMP (3/21)
   GWC (3/22)
   Carnegie (4/4)
   SDC (4/17)
   Illinois (4/18)

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