Network Working Group
Request for Comments: 562
NIC: 18638
Updates: RFC 495
References: RFCs 513, 529
A. McKenzie
28 August 1973

Modifications to the TELNET Specification

Almost four months have passed since the new TELNET Protocol specification was published. Since then, only two RFCs have been issued suggesting modifications, and the most recent of these was distributed two months ago. Further, the date from the old TELNET to the new TELNET (1 January 1974) is only four months away. It therefore seems appropriate to officially modify the specification to account for the suggested modifications, and to declare a moratorium on the incorporation of additional suggestions until after the switchover. (Of course, no moratorium on the specification of additional options is required.)

The two attached documents represent the revised TELNET Protocol specifications; they replace NIC #15372, TELNET Protocol Specification, and NIC #15373, TELNET Option Specifications. The remainder of this RFC summarizes the changes. Page numbers refer to the earlier documents.

Changes to TELNET Protocol Specification

   Page 8        - The phrase "blocked on input" is removed (see RFC
   Page 9, 10    - An additional use of IP is mentioned (see RFC #529).
   Page 10       - The explanation of AO is expanded (see RFC #513).
   Page 11       - The definition of "'print position' (e.g., an
                   overstrike)" is clarified (see RFC #513).
   Page 11, 12   - The description of the TELNET Synch Signal is
                   reworked to be in conformance with the ideas of RFC
                   #529 (also see RFC #513).
   Page 14       - The explanation of the CR-NUL convention is expanded
                   (see RFC #513).
   Page 16       - An additional command, End of Subnegotiation
                   Parameters (SE) is defined (see RFCs 513, 529).

Changes to TELNET Option Specifications

   Pages 2, 3    - Use of the command SE is explained (see RFCs 513,
   Page 3        - Doubling of IAC in subnegotiation parameters is
                   required (see RFC #513).
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