Network Working Group R. Clements

Request for Comments: 844 February 1983

           Who Talks ICMP, too?
        Survey of 18 February 1983

A survey was undertaken to determine how many hosts are able to respond to TELNET connections from a user at a class C site. This requires, in addition to IP and TCP, participation in gateway routing via ICMP and handling of class C addresses.

The list of hosts was taken from RFC843, extracting only those

hosts which are listed there as accepting TELNET connections.

The tests were run on 18-Feb-83 from 3 PM to 6:30 PM EST
from a terminal concentrator located at, at BBN. This net ( is connected to the internet through a routing gateway, and this terminal concentrator speaks ICMP including redirection and reporting to the user.

The connection attempts were done manually by typing the dotted form addresses, so only three passes were made through the table of hosts. Therefore a few may have been missed due to being down at these times.

Summary information:

Type # OK ut of OK

---- ---- ----- ----

On net 10       77      21      3.6%
other class A   20      4       8.8%
non-class A     30      2       3.8%

Total 127 87 7.9%

Name               Address       Result
----               -------       ------
ll              no response
compion-vms       no response
ames-tss        refused
mitre           OK
radc-multics       OK
nbs-vms         no response
usc-eclb        OK
nadc            OK
seismo          OK
usc-isid        OK
brl             no response
nosc-cc          OK
cca-unix        OK
parc-maxc       OK
purdue          OK
utah-cs          host unreachable
wpafb           no response
afwl            no response
bbn-tenexb       OK
bbnf             OK
ada-vax         no response
afsc-ad         no response
cit-20          OK
sumex-aim       OK
nyu             no response
mit-multics        OK
utexas-11       OK
usgs1-multics       OK
usgs2-multics       OK
usgs3-multics       OK
sri-nic         OK
ucb-arpa        no response
nrl              no response
hi-multics       OK
dtnsrdc         OK
bbnt            OK
nswc-dl         OK
sandia          OK
nlm-mcs         OK
lanl-unix       OK
washington       OK