Pike 8.0.182 Release notes

Changes since Pike 8.0.164 (release 1)

New features

  • gc

    It is now possible to run the gc in a quick mode to just cut weak references from a specific container.

Bug fixes

  • ADT.Heap

    The Element class lost track of its position when remove() was used.

  • Filesystem.Monitor

    • Improved thread safety and robustness

    • Inotify-related fixes.

  • pgsql

    The new driver in 8.0 suffered from filedescriptor leaks if the database connections were not explicitly close()d. Fixes have been applied which eliminate the filedescriptor leak and also ensure that the filedescriptors are closed the instant the object loses all references.

  • programs

    The runtime now attempts to wait for any compilations in progress to complete before complaining about cloning of unfinished programs. This fixes a race-condition when the same program is compiled from different threads.

  • Runtime

    Fixed multiple potential NULL-dereferences.

  • SSL.File

    Fixed breaking of circular references when the peer terminates the connection.

  • Standards.URI

    Support the userinfo field containing ’@’.

  • Stdio.File

    The second argument to set_buffer() should now work.

  • Testsuite

    Updated the SHA3_* testvectors to FIPS 202.

Building and installing

o Multiple fixes for building on Solaris 11.