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The Bz2 module contains functions to compress and uncompress strings using the same algorithm as the program bzip2. Compressing and decompressing can be done in streaming mode feeding the compress and decompress objects with arbitrarily large pieces of data.

The Bz2 module consists of three classes; Bz2.Deflate, Bz2.Inflate and Bz2.File. Bz2.Deflate is used to compress data and Bz2.Inflate is used to uncompress data. Bz2.File is used to handle Bzip2 files.


Note that this module is only available if libbzip2 was available when Pike was compiled.

Note that although the functions in Inflate and Deflate use the same algorithm as bzip2, they do not use the exact same format, so you can not directly zip files or unzip zip-files using those functions. That is why there exists a third class for files.

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inherit "___Bz2" : Bz2