Class CompilerEnvironment()->CPP

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::this_program predef::CompilerEnvironment.CPP

The state for an instance of the preprocessor.

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Variable handler
Variable compat_handler

object CompilerEnvironment.CPP.handler
object CompilerEnvironment.CPP.compat_handler

Inherit this_program

inherit ::this_program : this_program

Method create

CompilerEnvironment.CPP CompilerEnvironment.CPP(string|void current_file, int|string|void charset, object|void handler, void|int compat_major, void|int compat_minor, void|int picky_cpp)
CompilerEnvironment.CPP CompilerEnvironment.CPP(mapping(string:mixed) options)


Initialize the preprocessor.

Parameter options

If the first argument is a mapping, no other arguments may follow. Instead, they have to be given as members of the mapping (if wanted). The following members are then recognized:

"current_file" : string

Name of the current file. It is used for generating #line directives and for locating include files.

"charset" : int|string

Charset to use when processing data.

"handler" : object

Compilation handler.

"compat_major" : int

Sets the major pike version used for compat handling.

"compat_minor" : int

Sets the minor pike version used for compat handling.

"picky_cpp" : int

Generate more warnings.

"keep_comments" : int

This option keeps cpp() from removing comments. Useful in combination with the prefix feature below.

"prefix" : string

If a prefix is given, only prefixed directives will be processed. For example, if the prefix is "foo", then #foo_ifdef COND and foo___LINE__ would be processed, #ifdef COND and __LINE__ would not.

Parameter current_file

If the current_file argument has not been specified, it will default to "-".

Parameter charset

Turn on automatic character set detection if 1, otherwise specifies the character set used by the input. Defaults to "ISO-10646".

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