Module Msql


This is an interface to the mSQL database server. This module may or may not be available on your Pike, depending whether the appropriate include and library files (msql.h and libmsql.a respectively) could be found at compile-time. Note that you do not need to have a mSQL server running on your host to use this module: you can connect to the database over a TCP/IP socket

Please notice that unless you wish to specifically connect to a mSQL server, you'd better use the Sql.Sql program instead. Using Sql.Sql ensures that your Pike applications will run with any supported SQL server without changing a single line of code.

Also notice that some functions may be mSQL/2.0-specific, and thus missing on hosts running mSQL/1.0.*


The mSQL C API has some extermal dependencies. They take the form of certain environment variables which, if defined in the environment of the pike interpreter, influence the interface's behavior. Those are "MSQL_TCP_PORT" which forces the server to connect to a port other than the default, "MSQL_UNIX_PORT", same as above, only referring to the UNIX domain sockets. If you built your mSQL server with the default setttings, you shouldn't worry about these. The variable MINERVA_DEBUG can be used to debug the mSQL API (you shouldn't worry about this either). Refer to the mSQL documentation for further details.

Also note that THIS MODULE USES BLOCKING I/O to connect to the server. mSQL should be reasonably fast, but you might want to consider this particular aspect. It is thread-safe, and so it can be used in a multithread environment.


Although it seems that mSQL/2.0 has some support for server statistics, it's really VERY VERY primitive, so it won't be added for now.

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Constant version

constant Msql.version


Should you need to report a bug to the author, please submit along with the report the driver version number, as returned by this call.