Method Parser.HTML()->xml_tag_syntax()

Method xml_tag_syntax

int xml_tag_syntax(void|int value)


Whether or not to use XML syntax to tell empty tags and container tags apart.


Use HTML syntax only. If there's a '/' last in a tag, it's just treated as any other argument.


Use HTML syntax, but ignore a '/' if it comes last in a tag. This is the default.


Use XML syntax, but when a tag that does not end with '/>' is found which only got a non-container tag callback, treat it as a non-container (i.e. don't start to seek for the container end).


Use XML syntax only. If a tag got both container and non-container callbacks, the non-container callback is called when the empty element form (i.e. the one ending with '/>') is used, and the container callback otherwise. If only a container callback exists, it gets the empty string as content when there's none to be parsed. If only a non-container callback exists, it will be called (without the content argument) for both kinds of tags.