Method Parser.Markdown.parse()

Method parse

string parse(string md, void|mapping options)


Convert markdown md to html

Parameter options
"gfm" : bool

Enable Github Flavoured Markdown. (true)

"tables" : bool

Enable GFM tables. Requires "gfm" (true)

"breaks" : bool

Enable GFM "breaks". Requires "gfm" (false)

"pedantic" : bool

Conform to obscure parts of as much as possible. Don't fix any of the original markdown bugs or poor behavior. (false)

"sanitize" : bool

Sanitize the output. Ignore any HTML that has been input. (false)

"mangle" : bool

Mangle (obfuscate) autolinked email addresses (true)

"smart_lists" : bool

Use smarter list behavior than the original markdown. (true)

"smartypants" : bool

Use "smart" typographic punctuation for things like quotes and dashes. (false)

"header_prefix" : string

Add prefix to ID attributes of header tags (empty)

"xhtml" : bool

Generate self closing XHTML tags (false)

"newline" : bool

Add a newline after tags. If false the output will be on one line (well, newlines in text will be kept). (false)

"renderer" : Renderer

Use this renderer to render output. (Renderer)

"lexer" : Lexer

Use this lexer to parse blocks of text. (Lexer)

"inline_lexer" : InlineLexer

Use this lexer to parse inline text. (InlineLexer)

"parser" : Parser

Use this parser instead of the default. (Parser)