Class Parser.RCS()->DeltatextIterator


Iterator for the deltatext sections of the RCS file. Typical usage:


string raw = Stdio.read_file(my_rcs_filename); Parser.RCS rcs = Parser.RCS(my_rcs_filename, 0); raw = rcs->parse_delta_sections(rcs->parse_admin_section(raw)); foreach(rcs->DeltatextIterator(raw); int n; Parser.RCS.Revision rev) do_something(rev);

Method create

Parser.RCS.DeltatextIterator Parser.RCS.DeltatextIterator(array deltatext_section, void|function(string, mixed ... :void) progress_callback, void|array(mixed) progress_callback_args)

Parameter deltatext_section

the deltatext section of the RCS file in its entirety

Parameter progress_callback

This optional callback is invoked with the revision of the deltatext about to be parsed (useful for progress indicators).

Parameter progress_callback_args

Optional extra trailing arguments to be sent to progress_callback

See also

the rcsfile(5) manpage outlines the sections of an RCS file


int Parser.RCS.DeltatextIterator.nprotected bool read_next()


Drops the leading whitespace before next revision's deltatext entry and sets this_rev to the revision number we're about to read.