Method Parser.RCS()->parse_delta_sections()

Method parse_delta_sections

array parse_delta_sections(array raw, void|int max_revisions)


Lower-level API function for parsing only the delta sections (the second chunk of an RCS file, see manpage rcsfile(5)) of an RCS file. After running parse_delta_sections, the RCS object will be initialized with the value of description and populated revisions mapping and trunk array. Their Revision members are however only populated with the members Revision->revision, Revision->branch, Revision->time, Revision->author, Revision->state, Revision->branches, Revision->rcs_next, Revision->ancestor and Revision->next.

Parameter raw

The tokenized RCS file, with admin section removed. (See parse_admin_section.)

Parameter max_revisions

Maximum number of revisions to process. If unset, all revisions will be processed.


The rest of the RCS file, delta sections removed.

See also

parse_admin_section, tokenize, parse_deltatext_sections, parse, create


Does not handle rcsfile(5) newphrase skipping.