Class Sql.sql_util.MySQLBrokenUnicodeWrapper

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__builtin.Sql.Result Sql.Result Sql.sql_util.UnicodeWrapper Sql.sql_util.MySQLBrokenUnicodeWrapper

This one is used to get a buggy unicode support when compiled with an old MySQL client lib that doesn't have the charsetnr property in the field info. It looks at the binary flag instead, which is set for binary fields but might also be set for text fields (e.g. with a definition like "VARCHAR(255) BINARY").

I.e. the effect of using this one is that text fields with the binary flag won't be correctly decoded in unicode decode mode.

This has to be enabled either by passing "broken-unicode" as charset to Sql.mysql.create or Sql.mysql.set_charset, by calling Sql.mysql.set_unicode_decode_mode(-1), or by defining the environment variable PIKE_BROKEN_MYSQL_UNICODE_MODE. That will cause this buggy variant to be used if and only if the MySQL client lib doesn't support the charsetnr property.

Inherit UnicodeWrapper

inherit UnicodeWrapper : UnicodeWrapper