Class Stdio.Port

Inheritance graph
_Stdio._port Stdio.Port SSL.Port

Handles listening to socket ports. Whenever you need a bound socket that is open and listens for connections you should use this program.

Inherit _port

inherit _port : _port

Method create

Stdio.Port Stdio.Port()
Stdio.Port Stdio.Port(int|string port)
Stdio.Port Stdio.Port(int|string port, function(:void) accept_callback)
Stdio.Port Stdio.Port(int|string port, function(:void) accept_callback, string ip)
Stdio.Port Stdio.Port("stdin")
Stdio.Port Stdio.Port("stdin", function(:void) accept_callback)


If the first argument is other than "stdin" the arguments will be passed to bind().

When create is called with "stdin" as the first argument, a socket is created out of the file descriptor 0. This is only useful if it actually is a socket to begin with, and is equivalent to creating a port and initializing it with listen_fd(0).

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