13:15 - Introduction

The conference is opened and some brief words are shed.

13:30 - Pike 7.4: what's new in the upcoming release?

As we are approaching the release of Pike 7.4 now, getting closer by the day, you are probably interested in what Pike 7.4 has in store for us all. During this talk Martin Nilsson will go through the news for those of you who have not been glued to the CVS browser the past year, in order to keep up with all the nice additions in Pike 7.3.

14:00 - The new Pike community site

Since the move from Roxen IS, the Pike site has been booming with activity. Johan Sundström, the site maintainer, will be talking about its history, the present state, plans for the future, how to get involved in what happens there, and for those of you interested in the technical details about the site and its many applications (the CVS browser, for instance), there will be plenty opportunity to get as much and as detailed information as you could ever hope to. :-)

14:30 - The AIDO Player: a multimedia application in Pike

Johan Sundström will be demonstrating AIDO, the latest multimedia film/music player and peer-to-peer file sharing application by Per Hedbor.

15:00 - Tea/coffee break

Have some of our really nice cookies, tea and/or coffee.

15:30 - The sTeam project: An Open Source Learning Platform

Based on the idea of integrating a document and topic oriented approach with a MUD ("multi user dungeon"), open sTeam was developed as a learning supportive infrastructure. The result can be treated as a MUD for learning. Consequently, Pike (a successor to LPC, a classic MUD programming language) was chosen for its development. Not only is it a language suited for very rapid development, it also is a language very easy to learn, thus enabling students to tune their own working envrironment. This simple extendability also provides the basis for an open source development, making us confident that users of the system will develop and share their own modules and extensions to the open sTeam platform.

16:00 - Xenofarm: a new cross-platform build system

Martin Nilsson will hold a presentation about the build farm project. For more information about what Xenofarm is, see the Xenofarm page on this site.

16:30 - Pike XML support: what's there, and what should be added?

In this brainstorming session held by Martin Bähr (mobile Pike evangelist and advocate), we want to look at the state of XML in pike. We want to discuss question like:

  • Which problems have you found using XML in pike? (speed, bugs...)
  • Which features are missing in the current XML support? (XSLT, Xpath, SAX, Xquery...)
  • How can they be added?
  • Continue working on Parser.XML?
  • Take libraries like sablotron/expat or libxsl/libxml?
  • Could (and should) an XSLT parser in one of those libraries be integrated with Parser.XML.DOM?
  • Is there a chance to get the XSLT/XPath implementation from Roxen Platform?