Pike 8.0.240 Release notes

Changes since Pike 8.0.182 (release 2)

New features

  • Roxen.http_decode_string() now decodes UTF-16 surrogate pairs.

  • Protocols.HTTP.Query now always sends a content-length header.

  • Report feature flags for System.FSEvents and System.Inotify.

  • Updated Calendar to use timezonedata from tzdata2016c

  • Added module Apple.Keychain that can extract certificates.

  • Made Standards.X509 aware of more OS specific ways of retriving certificates.

  • JOSE (JSON Object Signing and Encryption)

    Some low-level API support has been added to the Crypto and Web modules to support parts of RFC 7515 - 7520.

Bug fixes

  • The machine code generator on ia32 now aligns the stack on a 16 byte boundary. This makes it possible to call code that uses SSE2 instructions.

  • Exceptions thrown in GTK signal handlers no longer cause segfaults.

  • The SSL client code now interprets the RFCs more leniently to address some interoperability issues.

  • Fixed bugs in cipher selection that prevented null-ciphers from being negotiated by the SSL server (if allowed by the Context object).

  • Multiple fixes for the handling of accelerated Filesystem.Monitor monitors, which could sometimes lose notifications.

  • Improved handling of response content-length in Protocols.HTTP.Query.

  • Fixed case where unfinished programs could lose their parents.

  • Fixed “Invalid service”-error from connect() on Fedora Core 4.

  • Fixed next_result() in Sql.sql_array_result.

  • Fixed sizeof() in Array.Iterator, Multiset.Iterator and String.Iterator.


  • Reduced the memory requirements of Tools.Shoot (pike -x benchmark)

Building and installing

  • Multiple fixes for building on Solaris.

  • Improved scanning for Odbc header files.

  • Fixed some issues with –with-abi flags not propagating correctly to the modules.