This is a BETA release, many bugs may still remain!
Note that the beta status is only recorded in this file, if it is
found that this release is sufficiently bug free, this particular
release will be taken out of beta status.

This file will be updated with new information about this release,
please send bug AND success reports to pike@idonex.se so that they
may be recorded in this file.

Successful tests done on:
	Solaris 2.7 (sparc & x86)
	Linux Redhat 5.2
	AIX 4.2
	Digital UNIX 4.0
	Windows NT/95 (will be available shortly)

Known problems:

  o Do not compile with -fomit-frame-pointer, this causes problems with
    several versions of gcc, egcs and pgcc. To the best of our knowledge,
    this is a compiler bug.
  o gcc 2.8.1 on sparc machines sometimes generate faulty code for
    the charset module
  o Process handling may not work 100% on all platforms.
  o destroy() may do unpredictable things when exit() is called

Changes since 0.6.110:
  o Process handling has been changed to use a wait thread on Solaris
    and AIX. This should solve any 'pike lost track of a child' problems.
  o Many, many, many minor bugfixes.
  o glibc2 threads does no longer hang testsuite

  Binaries will be made available if this release is deemed stable enough.

	/Fredrik Hübinette