This is a BETA release, some bugs may still remain!
Note that the beta status is only recorded in this file, if it is
found that this release is sufficiently bug free, this particular
release will be taken out of beta status.

This file will be updated with new information about this release,
please send bug AND success reports to pike@idonex.se so that they
may be recorded in this file.

Successful tests done on:
	Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6 and 7 (sparc & x86)
	Linux Redhat 5.2, 6.1 and others
	AIX 4.3
	FreeBSD 4.0
	HP-UX 10.20
	Windows NT

Known problems:

  o Yabu sometimes fails on Windows NT.

Changes since 0.6:
  A lot of stuff have been changed. We are currently working on
  an up-to-date tutorial and reference manual. Some major features are:

    o GTK Gui support!
    o Local functions
    o Lexical scopes for lambda functions and local functions
    o Non-crippled crypto modules.
    o Lots of new modules: CommonLog, Gettext, HTTPLoop, Java,
      Msql, Mysql, Odbc, Oracle, Parser, Perl, Postgres, SANE,
      Ssleay (requires Ssleay library), sybase, GTK, GL, GLUT
    o Many new image formats supported.
    o Some cleanups in the module system.
    o Much better support for wide strings.
    o Better type checking
    o and many many more things.

  Binaries will be made available if this release is deemed stable enough.
  This is quite likely, extensive testing has already been done by the
  Roxen team.

	/Fredrik Hübinette