Method compile()

Method compile

program compile(string source, CompilationHandler|void handler, int|void major, int|void minor, program|void target, object|void placeholder)


Compile a string to a program.

This function takes a piece of Pike code as a string and compiles it into a clonable program.

The optional argument handler is used to specify an alternative error handler. If it is not specified the current master object will be used.

The optional arguments major and minor are used to tell the compiler to attempt to be compatible with Pike major.minor.


Note that source must contain the complete source for a program. It is not possible to compile a single expression or statement.

Also note that compile() does not preprocess the program. To preprocess the program you can use compile_string() or call the preprocessor manually by calling cpp().

See also

compile_string(), compile_file(), cpp(), master(), CompilationHandler, DefaultCompilerEnvironment